Recently found a scrap of paper with a list of 1960s-1980s progressive rock and similar bands.  I believe I may have jotted them down in a conversation with one of my brothers during which we were revisiting songs we listened to at the time.  To show you how young I am (or not, depending on your perspective), they include Genesis, Wishbone Ash, Strawbs, King Crimson … 

One name that popped up was Barclay James Harvest and I went searching and remembered the title of this one, In Memory of the Martyrs.  It’s a beautiful song with something of a nuannaarpoqian opening.  Listening to it now as I write (click the song title above if you’d like to hear it too).  Here’s the opening verse:

Life is like a tall ship
Drifting gently from the shore
Time is like a fair wind
With a lifetime to explore
The beauty that surrounds you
Was meant to be adored
The problems that surround you
Were meant to be ignored
We are love, we are, we are love
We are love, we are, we are love

Indeed, we are, we are, when we allow ourselves to be. 

Stay well, be happy and may you have a fair wind and a lifetime to explore.


Photo credit: bogitw at pixabay


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