Zorba is one of the great Nuannaarpoqians of the world, running the gamut from Authentic to Zestful. Here is his uncomplicated capacity to feel joy and suffering in equal measure. I also like the phrase ‘fine sieve of metaphysics’, though not if it impedes rather than enhances a sincere and direct response to the world.

‘A man with warm blood and solid bones, who lets real tears run down his cheeks when he is suffering; and when he is happy he does not spoil the freshness of his joy by running it through the fine sieve of metaphysics.’ 

Note the photo used to illustrate this – I liked both the face and expression and the fact that it was a portrait of the photographer’s father.


Source: Zorba the Greek, Nikos Kazantzakis, trans. Carl Wildman, Faber & Faber, p. 269

Photo credit: Aleksandar Popovski at unsplash.com – a photo of his father, turning 70


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