Henry Miller’s Colossus of Maroussi is in some ways a record of a nuannaarpoq-fostering landscape and people, and I see the book as emitting the blindingly clean light of the Greek hyacinth blue sky.

And I loved that ‘running leap and vault into the blue’. And the marriage of stone and sky!

See a similar Greek sky-embracing quotation from Christopher Logue’s magnificent, muscular rendition of several books of the Iliad, not to mention a quotation-mosaic bestellar review of the same poetic punch-packing slim volume.

‘In Greece one has the desire to bathe in the sky. You want to rid yourself of your clothes, take a running leap and vault into the blue. You want to float in the air like an angel or lie in the grass rigid and enjoy the cataleptic trance. Stone and sky, they marry here.’


Source: The Colossus of Maroussi, Henry Miller (New York: New Directions Books, 2010 (1941)), p. 138

Photo credit: MustangJoe at pixabay


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