The King and Queen of England, George III and Charlotte, comparing notes on the nature and subjectivity of time, in both its length and concomitant shortness.  

‘Oh!  for me,’ cried the Queen, ‘I am always quarrelling with Time!  It is so short to do something, and so long to do nothing!’   She has now and then something foreign to our idiom, that has a very pretty effect.  ‘Time,’ said the King, ‘always seems long when we are young, and short when we begin to grow old.’ 

Never enough time to enjoy, share and celebrate the world’s beauty and enchantment, whatever our age. 

But let’s do our best.

Source:  Fanny Burney, Journals and Letters, selected by Peter Sabor & Lars Troide (Harmondsworth: Penguin Classics, 2001), p. 225

Photo credit: Chai Chai at unsplash


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