The Swiss explorer and travel writer, Ella Maillart (1903-97), spent the second half, or third age, of her adventurous life in the Alpine village of Chandolin at 2,000 metres. We spotted this quotation during a walk through the snow, on an engraving featuring the names and heights of the panoply of peaks curving around the horizon across the valley.

It’s a lovely statement of being at ease in a place and the benign effects that has on the soul.

‘D’ici l’oeil domine le monde. Entour√© de ciel, enfin √† l’aise, le coeur se dilate, aimant tout ce qu’il voit.’

(From here, the eye dominates the world. Surrounded by sky, at ease at last, the heart expands, loving all that it sees.)

See some of Maillart’s photos here, or visit the chalet museum dedicated to her in Chandolin itself.


Source: Ella Maillart (1903-97), at 2,000m in Chandolin, Valais, Switzerland

Photo credit: DenisLinine at pixabay


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