What a dazzling description of watching a sunrise from a ship, contrasted perfectly with a preceding sunset.  The miracle of both, eternal and always new.  

But there was no getting back into the berth again, in Chios harbour, and the sun just rising. And exquisite that sunrise was, delicate and astringent as opposed to that Ink Spot sweetness of the turquoise and blue sunset, a palest sky of topaz brushed with clouds of daffodil and briar rose … Then the sun rose and in a moment flushed the whole world with primary colour, plumped it with a third dimension, the blue and yellow and red ships, the red roofs, the green wooded hills. 

Source: Louis Golding, Good-bye to Ithaca (London: Hutchinson, 1955), p. 136

Photo credit: adamkontor at pixabay


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