We know that insomnia can drive you insane and a good sleep can make you feel sane (or saner), but here is something to wish for, that you may go to bed sane and arise sane, with nothing but uninterrupted sleep to connect the two ends of your mental health.

What has sleep to do with nuannaarpoq?  Only this, that like time, it is one of the great chronic deprivations of our time, something we all feel better for having enough of, and which enhances our faculties for life enjoyment and the formation of joyous memories.

‘I went to bed, and enjoyed an uninterrupted sleep – Sane I went to bed and sane I arose.’


Source: John Keats, 14 February – 3 May 1819, Selected Letters, ed. Robert Gittings (Oxford World Classics, 2002/2009), p. 215

Photo credit: Free-Photos at pixabay.com


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