‘If you had an opportunity to put a question to Socrates what would it be?’

This is a quotation from Lawrence Durrell’s enchanting exploration of the island of Corfu, Prospero’s Cell. I have been pondering it for months and decided it was a good question to include in the Nuannaarpoq Interviews*.

We look forward to your questions for Socrates … don’t hesitate to send more than one. He won’t mind.

This and other questions can be found here, together with a contact form for your kind, witty, wise, imaginative responses.

* The Nuannaarpoq Interviews aim to build a human story book through slow-mo interviews, celebrating the many ways people find and share pleasure in being alive.


Source: Lawrence Durrell, Prospero’s Cell (Faber & Faber 1970 (1945)), p. 37

Photo credit: Ben White at unsplash

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