A comprehensive – though incomplete – list of nature’s beauty and diversity.  So much to celebrate …

The manifold diversity of beauty in sky and earth and sea; the abundance of light, and its miraculous loveliness, in sun and moon and stars; the dark shades of woods, the color and fragrance of flowers; the multitudinous varieties of birds, with their songs and their bright plumage; the countless different variety of living creatures of all shapes and sizes … Then there is the mighty spectacle of the sea itself, putting on its different colors like changing garments, now green, with all the many varied shades, now purple, now blue … Who could give a complete list of all these natural blessings?  

Human goal for the coming year?  The remainder of the 21st century?  Learn to live in harmony with it all.  And undo some of the damage.

Source: St. Augustine, Concerning the City of God, quoted in Darrin McMahon, The Pursuit of Happiness: A History from the Greeks to the Present (Penguin 2007 (2006)), p. 107

Photo credit: Simon Berger at unsplash


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