Yes, sometimes I’m late to the game.  Such as ‘discovering’ the Moody Blues in 2021, a mere half century after they were discoverable. 

We were driving over the Grand St Bernard Pass and had picked up a second hand CD (remember those?) which we decided to try out on our journey.   Two songs struck us just as we were winding up the zig-zag road to the pass, with towering rocky peaks above and around, and they became a kind of ‘theme tune’ to that drive; now, when I hear them, I’m transported to a stunning mountain road and landscape, at a joyous inflection point in our lives. 

This track, ‘The Balance’, answers the question raised in the album’s title, A Question of Balance.  These lines seemed to me a perfect nuannaarpoqian moment when you see the beauty of the world and feel aligned with it:

And he asked, and he saw the tree above him, and the stars
And the veins in the leaf
And the light, and the balance
And he saw magnificent perfection
Whereon he thought of himself in balance

Wishing you many such moments and may you be as much ‘in balance’ as is humanly possible.  Particularly in unbalanced times. 


Source: ‘The Balance’, Moody Blues – the full lyrics can be enjoyed here.

Photo credit: John Mccann at unsplash


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