A lovely moment on a children’s walk – I like how they follow the instructions with such verve; meeting a boy selling ice-cream, they stop him and practically buy up his stock. 

Also can’t resist the inevitable pun that comes of combining ‘ice-cream’ and ‘tricycle’ into an ice-cycle.   You heard it here and you owe me an ice-cream, dark chocolate please, no vanilla. 

The others took William for a walk, and, on their way back met a “Stop me and Buy one” ice-cream boy on his tricycle.   They stopped him and bought seven.  


Source: Arthur Ransome, Coot Club (London: Jonathan Cape, 2009 (1934)), p. 171

Photo credit: fietzfotos & Emslichter at pixabay

Photo credit: ice cream van by Emslichter at pixabay


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