No, not wind turbines, nor solar panels. This is the green power that raises ‘purple spires to the midsummer sky’. Foxglove power or, quoting Dylan Thomas, ‘the force that through the green fuse drives the flower’.  I planted a few foxgloves recently and they grew like crazy, bees checking in to their bell-shaped glove compartments.

Very sorry about the felled oaks, however. Rory Stewart proposes the UK plant 10 million native trees in short order, including the mighty oak. Soak up a spot of carbon.

‘Foxgloves claimed the hillsides whereever the oak woods were felled, storing in their leaves the green power to raise red-purple spires to the midsummer sky.’ 

See also a quote-mosaic review of this slim, taut, dazzling nature book.


Source: Henry Williamson, Tarka the Otter: His joyful water-life and death in the two rivers, illus. C.F. Tunnicliffe (Harmondsworth: Puffin Books, 1976 (1927)), p. 136

Photo credit: Tama66 at pixabay



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