Lovely description of those precious moments when having nothing doesn’t get in the way of having everything.

We are lucky, we have some things and we have everything: trays of flower and vegetable seedlings are soaking up the spring warmth on the terrace; blackbirds are singing like there’s no pandemic (which in their world, there isn’t); and the evenings are lengthening, brightening and warming. Our afternoon walks can start later and end later, unwinding the day and preparing for deep, body-tired, mind-relaxed sleep.

And ‘umbrageous’, when did you last see that little darling?

‘We had nothing. No car, no television, no money. We had everything.  I grew vegetables and brewed beer.  Blackbirds and thrushes sang, and nightingales, too, on umbrageous June evenings.’ 

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Source: David Esterly, The Lost Carving: A Journey to the heart of making (New York: Penguin, 2013), p. 65

Photo credit: susannP4 at pixabay


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