A simple reminder to enjoy the beauties of life at home, whenever you can.  Since the news is full of people losing their homes to war or natural disaster, it is worth remembering how wonderful a secure home is.

Life could be beautiful, thought the old traveller, wherever you were – provided that, if there was no reason to travel, one was content to sit still and enjoy it, unlike those city folk who always seemed so fretful and nervous.

Be not fretful, be not nervous. 

From a wonderful trilogy of novels by the Hungarian writer Miklos Banffy, evoking marvelous Transylvanian landscapes.  

Source: Miklos Banffy, They Were Found Wanting, trans. Patrick Thursfield and Katalin Banffy-Jelen (London: Arcadia Books, 2011 (1937)), p. 381

Photo credit: Ryan Schroeder at unsplash


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