A delightful, easy moment captured in a few simple lines which remind me of the French expression to feel ‘good in your skin’ (‘bien dans sa peau’).

May you laugh only because you really want to and because you feel so well, and the air is so good.

Hall’s account of travelling in Romania in the 1930s is also a lesson in spontaneous, joyous living.  He has a number of encounters with a different pace and approach to life, and it seems to rub off on him.

‘And I laughed because I really wanted to, because the air was so good and I felt so well. I had come to rest at last; I did not know where, I did not even know the name of the village. But I was content.’


Source: Donald Hall, Romanian Furrow (London: Bene Factum Publishing, 2007), p. 17

Photo credit: NicoBorie at pixabay.com


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