Timelessness seems to me a frequent result of living a nuannaarpoq moment.  Losing sense of time, stepping outside its passing and urgencies.  Here the author who brought me the word ‘nuannaarpoq’ describes a timeless afternoon he spent in the Arctic.

I believe that having ample time and the right to timelessness are key elements of human well-being, and will be writing about this as I start building a nuannaarpoq manifesto.  Watch this space.

Do me a favour – drop me a line describing a timeless afternoon – whether it’s one you can remember or one you imagine.  To: beatrice@nuannaarpoq.com

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Source: Barry Lopez, Arctic Dreams (London: Picador, 1987), p. 44

Photo credits: Mohamed Nohassi and Jenny Hill at unsplash.com

A timeless afternoon. Off to my left, in that vast bowl of stillness that contains the meandering river, tens of square miles of tundra browns and sedge meadow greens seem to snap before me, as immediate as the pages of my notebook, because of unscattered light in the dustless air … In the center of large ponds, beneath the surface of the water, gleam cores of aquamarine ice, like the constricted heart of winter.

Photo credit: Jenny Hill at unsplash


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