Wanted to share a few lines from the song ‘Colibri Dorado’.  Below you’ll see some of the lyrics with an English translation provided by a listener. I also liked a comment, surely a nuannaarpoq moment, shared by Elena Rincon (approximate translation follows):

‘Una mañana me encontre en el pavimento a un hermoso colibri de metalicos colores muertecito lo sostuve entre mis mamos y de repente abrió su piquito rojo dando un gemido como el canto de un delfin resucitando y voló; se poso arriba de mi estatico y como despidiendose agradecido se marchó fue una experiencia inolvidable! Y un gran regalo de la vida para mi!’


‘One morning I saw a beautiful hummingbird of metallic colours dying on the pavement. I held it to my breast and suddenly its little red beak gave a tremor like the song of a reviving dolphin, and it flew away. It had landed on my path and then left me as if grateful. It was an unforgettable experience. Life had given me a great gift!’


A nuestro hogar llego volando

un Colibri Dorado

quien trajo a nuestro altar

un nuevo amanecer


La luz se acerca reflejando la alegría

el viento sopla despertando un nuevo día

y la frescura en la montaña va llevando

la esencia de un picaflor

que asciende enamorado.


To our home came flying

a golden hummingbird

who brought to our altar

a new sunrise.


The light is coming, reflecting joy

the wind blows awake a new day

and the freshness in the mountain is leading

the essence of a hummingbird

that ascends in love.


Unfortunately when I tried to share the link I had, it appears it has now been made private.  Sorry.  Hope you enjoy the story and the lyrics. 

Photo credit: fprose at pixabay


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