One aim of is to reinforce joyful people, even when they feel assailed by humdrum issues or simply by the apparent state of the world. I liked this definition of being radical – making hope possible – and if I manage to do a bit of it here, that would be a signal of success.

Despair is all too compelling and we are hammered by media and other sources with reasons to tumble into its black holes. Having worked for some time in the field of sustainable development, I realised that the sustainability world was perhaps veering too far in the scare-awareness raising when someone said, “You work in this sustainability thing don’t you? It’s too late, isn’t it? We’re done for, right?”

So, how appropriate that Amory Lovins, one of the ‘giants’ of sustainability, used this quotation.

‘To be truly radical is to make hope possible, rather than despair convincing.’


Source: Raymond Williams, quoted in foreword by Amory Lovins, The Natural Advantage of Nations, ed. Karlson Hargroves and Michael H Smith (London: Earthscan, 2005)

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