Two things to share today, both lily-related.  I first heard of the ‘Fête des muguets’ when I was a teenager and was given a bunch of lilies of the valley. Yesterday in Geneva I was happy to see the shops stocked up with slender, small pots and bunches of these bobbing bell-like delights.

And I recently discovered this zestful version of the song ‘Le temps des muguets’ sung by the French actress, Danielle Darrieux.

More recently I came across a quotation from Dante that was redolent with generosity …

‘Give lilies with full hands.’

Hope it all gets you in the mood for a lovely May Day.


Source: Dante,The Divine Comedy (Purgatory, Canto 30), trans. Clive James (New York: Liveright Publishing, 2013), p. 326

Photo credit: monicore at


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