Describe a walk you have enjoyed with someone in which …‘The going did not slow the talk, the talk / Slowed not the going.’

‘With a mischievous grin I delight in imagining a stroll by the lake with the recruiter, during which I reveal the REAL me: I have put aside the suit, CV, poise, pre-cooked replies, clever insights and professional tone. As we pace together, nature’s backdrop infuses our conversation with a sincerity of expression. Discover who I am! Listen to how I laugh! See the joy that brims over inside me when the warm sunshine shines on my skin. Take in the love I feel for my child. Hear how I love to learn, create, craft, cook and grow! Feel my joys and sorrows, for THIS is truly me.’

Note: soon after sending this, she got the job she wanted!


Source: Tanya

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