What is your idea, experience or dream of a timeless afternoon?

‘Me lying in bed with my five year old, and he is sleeping and I am just lying there listening to the breathing and smelling the smells of children. But I can not describe it very well… it is a feeling of unconditional love and life.’

This one reminded me of a similar moment at my brother’s house by the sea in Brittany.  I stayed in bed as I had a migraine. My 2-3 year old nephew came and joined me with his milk bottle.  I sang him a few songs which he asked me to repeat.  After a while I asked him if we could just rest quietly as I had a headache.  He happily agreed and so we just lay there together without speaking, in perfect companionship.  


Source: Stefanie

Photo credit: Annie Spratt at unsplash.com

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