‘I really like it. It looks beautiful, the colours are lush and it’s a refreshing perspective on the world. I love the idea of excellent dates engaging with Pliny’s figs and mushrooms, your thought provoking note on innocence, and the concept of the songs of men deep in the heart of grape buds’ – Nicki

Out of all proportion

Out of all proportion

The arch-realist Thucydides reminds us, in this as in other things, of a timeless truth, namely that kindness can pay generous dividends.  It got me thinking of moments when we could have flipped a situation to a more positive outcome if we'd surprised someone with...

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A clutch of bright berries

A clutch of bright berries

Otters seem to be the most nuannaarpoqian of animals and their eye is easily caught by bright objects.  Here a bunch of red berries does the trick, apparently leading to a form of horizontal meditation. Once, I remember, I went to look for him there and at first could...

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Frantic or free?

One of the most powerful ripostes to any attempt at ensnarement or wing-clipping, there is something timeless and transcendent in Jane Eyre's clarity.  Mr. Rochester tries to bind her to...

Choosing hope

A few years ago a friend commented that I was an optimistic person.  My response was that optimism isn't necessarily a question of personality, but can sometimes be a matter...

Across the divide

We play with dogs and cats and some other creatures.  I used to play with a fox in our garden in London: he made a show of taking my abandoned...

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