‘I really like it. It looks beautiful, the colours are lush and it’s a refreshing perspective on the world. I love the idea of excellent dates engaging with Pliny’s figs and mushrooms, your thought provoking note on innocence, and the concept of the songs of men deep in the heart of grape buds’ – Nicki

My kind of market (II)

My kind of market (II)

If you follow this website, you will know I'm partial to cornucopian markets bursting with fine foods and other delights.  Here's a new description to whet the appetite for such magical human hubs. The Abkhazian bazaar!  Those smells, the sounds ... It smells like...

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Resilience as defiance

John Keats died young of tuberculosis, but while he lived he was resilient and determined to squeeze every drop of life and happiness despite nursing first his mother and then...

On Arctic trees

An underlying condition of being able to live in the spirit of nuannaarpoq is resilience in the face of setbacks.  It's a quality I particularly admire in people who manage...

Time as heart-beat

We spend so much of our time measuring time, by rods or miles, minutes or seconds. But its passing is the passing of our heart-beats, our life.

Less time measuring, more...

A Samaritan at Salisbury

This account of the 17th century English clergyman and poet, George Herbert, stopping on his way to help a poor man, gives us an insight into his character. His friends...

Work and peace

Hölderlin, who wasn't frequently at peace with himself, describes the value of a day spent working, at ease and in one's element.  How work can feel when it works.


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