Now I know why it’s called ‘seventh’ heaven – it takes only seven steps to get there. I stumbled upon this revelation while doing the Spring Circular, the 10km round robin walk with which I’ve been savouring the season’s renewal. A child with chalk showed me the way, and I’ve added a rhyming ditty to walk you through their roadmap.

To there from here is very near, so step to heaven in only seven:

Start at Terre and skip to One (do it now and make it fun);

Next you’ll hop to Two and Three (just think of ‘You’ and think of ‘Me’);

Then left on Four and right on Five (and feel how good to be alive);

From there you skip to number Six (and why not try some nifty tricks) …

Before you jump to Seven and Eight (an easy hop so don’t be late)

One more step and you’ll reach the sky (so spread your wings and simply fly)!


If you had to come up with Seven Steps to Heaven, what would they be? Answers on a postcard… I will feature the best and wisest you send me.  Bonus points for rhymes.

Photo & rhyme by Beatrice Otto


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