Today is a perfect day for it. A deep, crunchy blanket of snow fell overnight, the branches thickly dusted and the ground uplighting the world with the astonishing luminosity of snow.

It also reminds me of a shared moment with my brother.  He had just arrived at my flat in London which we were going to spend the week decorating to prepare it for sale. There was barely any furniture and we camped on the floor.

He arrived on a crisp, bright morning and before starting work, I invited him to a lovely nearby café in the wonderfully restored Victorian brick railway station of Crystal Palace.  As we approached through autumn gold light and leaves, I mentioned that they had a particularly fine offering in bowls of porridge.

Our breath misting the air with vapour puffs, he said, ‘It’s really a perfect day for porridge’.

And the café?  It was the Brown and Green Café in Crystal Palace.


Photo credits: distel2610 and jplenio at; Markus Spiska at


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