Welcome to the Nuannaarpoq Awards!

For these awards there are no red carpets, paparazzi, flashing cameras or material prizes, just the joyous celebration of those who know or knew how to live fully.  

In highlighting nuannaarpoq, we meet people and others who resonate with it, and we thought it might be inspiring and fun to nominate them once we had enough evidence to present them as candidates.  We will introduce one at a time, with a few choice stories about them.  Once we have a long enough short list we will seek your views on the candidates and, in due course, invite your own nominations.  

We said no red carpet or paparazzi, but there can be an audience, a jury, and applause, applause for nuannaarpoqians.   You.  


Rules of the game

Because you can’t have an award scheme without rules, here are a few to be going on with:


  • candidates can be human or otherwise, real or fictive
  • they may be alive or otherwise: there are many exemplars who have passed on and our belief is that if they still delight us, they live on
  • nobody may nominate or vote for themselves no matter how much they take extravagant pleasure in being alive
  • all communications regarding this and other nuannaarpoqian matters will be conducted with irreproachable light-heartedness, courtesy and kindness, otherwise what’s the point
  • living winners or other deserving individuals may, at the discretion of the organizer, be sent a bar of chocolate in the post
  • barring such occasional and random gifts of chocolate, no other items or money will change hands
  • further rules will be added if the need for them arises

Click the image(s) below to meet our first Nuannaarpoq Award nominee(s).  More to follow in the coming months.  

They have a quality of nuannaarpoq, of taking extravagant pleasure in being alive; and they delight in finding it in other people.


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