As you may be aware, we had the bright idea to present a few nuannaarpoqian characters as candidates for a Nuannaarpoq Award.  Please feel free to read more about this idea including the rules devised to ensure this is a joyous and humanistic process. 

Therefore delighted to introduce the first nominee for the first ever Nuannaarpoq Award … She is none other than:

Gorky’s grandmother

Parameters:  19th century, Russian, real, human, female, now living elsewhere

Nuannaarpoq qualities: authenticity, enchantment, innocence, imagination, kindness, resilience

References:  Maxim Gorky, My Childhood

Click on the images below to savour the evidence of her nuannaarpoqian merits.  As Gorky only ever describes her as his Grandmother, we don’t know her name, let alone dates or other information.  Only his heart-piercing tributes to her.  She was an island of kindness and story-telling in a sea of childhood harshness.  

See also further nominations by clicking the Awards icon below, or the image(s) which follows it.

Photo credit: pimpelucha at pixabay

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