They have a quality of nuannaarpoq, of taking extravagant pleasure in being alive; and they delight in finding it in other people.

Barry Lopez – Arctic Dreams

WELCOME TO NUANNAARPOQ! celebrates a magical quality in humanity, accentuating the authentic, unlimited enjoyment of life on what the poet Gumilyov called ‘our brave, our cheerful, our wicked planet’.

Inspired by an Inuit word, it will refract this lovely idea through a personal prism, holding it up to the light to show its many colours. Roll over the icons below to see the themes we will touch on – in due course these will click through to their own proud pages.

I look forward to hearing from fellow ‘nuannaarpoqians’, if such a word exists. And if it doesn’t, let’s create it.

Enjoy, and please sign up for Notes from Nuannaarpoq.

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It’s so beautiful. I’ll be looking forward to reading anything you want to say. Please don’t keep us waiting too long.


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